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Capo Grillo


In no particular order I am writing about a custom here in Jeddah. It is the so called business lunch. I sort of found it by chance when eating at a place called Rossopomodoro. It is an Italian restaurant chain. The location in Stars Mall has gone to another location which means it is likely out of business. I described the place in my blog a year ago. It offered a very nice meal – salad, soup, pizza, and main course with beverage. These special menus are available during lunch hours usually from 1pm till late afternoon.


Capo Grillo is Italian on Thalia St and has a large banner sign so it will be a permanent go to place. There are two lunch offerings at 40 and 50SAR. The 40SAR was lasagna and I had a sudden craving for pasta so I went with it. The 50SAR was a chicken main course. Salad and soup accompanied my choice of soft drink. It seems that restaurants like ice berg lettuce a lot. Otherwise the salad had lots of slivered carrots. The lasagna was quite a large generous portion served in a casserole dish. It was enough for two. But I was hungry and pushed myself to eat it all.


I think the place is very quiet. The service was decent. And the food was okay. I would like to try the chicken but otherwise I am not putting this restaurant on my regular rotation.