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Archive for June 19, 2015

Devil Rays


A week ago six went by when we were diving. Now seven, count ‘em, seven went by. They were rather majestic. Once again I was caught with the wrong camera settings. I fired off a series of images. I did not get close. The best I could do in post processing leaves much to be desired.


I’ll take this opportunity to speak about the dive. Safety is what you learn in dive school. Safety! Everyone has to come back alive. Basic! I was with two rookies. Thirty seconds later they disappeared. They were supposed to be on my tail. I do not have eyes in the back of my head and only took my eyes from them for not more than thirty. You just can’t swim away. But one guy took off his mask and then his regulator and then shot to the surface. The two then swam back to shore. Oh brother! I swam back along our path and then surfaced. They signaled their position. Happy ending. But why does this stuff happen to me? Next time down, both guys swam in front of me. We did not get far. But then again they did not get away. Yeah, I learned a lesson too.