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Archive for July 18, 2015

National Meeting


Peyton Manning and Bill Walton were the opening speakers at our meeting recently. I’m impressed. Someone knew someone who knew someone who could get them to come and talk to a bunch of neurosurgeons. Peyton was gracious and actually tried to weave in some stuff about neurosurgery and football. Bill was a loud infomercial for the spine company whose product was recently installed in his back. Nice guy, short on information.


And at the end – (there’s no picture) – Ben Carson was introduced via remote feed to let us know he was declaring for president. He’s a neurosurgeon. His announcement was an unmitigated disaster. He had his teleprompter too low so his speech made him look like he was sleeping. He had bilateral ptosis and looked pathologic. He rambled. He was disorganized. Hey, sorry, I hold someone who aspires to national office to a higher standard. Practice some more dude, you lost me when you couldn’t open your eyes.