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Women’s Vietnam Memorial


It is dedicated to the women who served in the Vietnam War most of whom were nurses.



Steps away is the memorial wall listing the names of the dead from the Vietnam War. There are eight names, women who died. The memorial is moving and still relevant to my generation.


Reflection. There is the Washington monument in the background. And to the far right is the photographer (me).

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  1. …in 1968 I took up my dual citizenship choice and left NY for Halifax and never looked back. It was a tragic year, a tragic time, and so poignantly tragic altogether that never again could I believe, what up till then I accepted as true about my country. Even today, some 45 years later, it seems clear that understanding the United States only really comes when one dares to leave it. But I so wish that choice hadn’t been (for me) so necessary. These photos are devastatingly moving, Victor, thank you for posting them.

    July 22, 2015 at 9:00 am

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