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Archive for August 11, 2015

149 Guy St


When I lived there, we had a phone number with four digits, no exchange and no area codes yet. And an operator connected all your calls. This was a house on a steep hill where we rented until the Southgate Road house was built. Let me tell you, it was steep hill!


It had a coal furnace. It was in much more rundown condition then. Another kid jumped from the porch to the driveway below. It hurt! A robin built a nest in the evergreen on the left one year. I burned ants with a magnifying glass on the front walk. And the family doc would finish his office hours and come around in the evening to give you a shot in the ass. Imagine being ill all day and dreading the visit and that shot!

_DSC4869It was a tiny house but packed with memories. All these years gone by and it’s still there.