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The new part in the front was not there when I went to learn to swim. I took swim lessons. I had a semester of ballet and tap. (Mother again) And I learned ballroom dance. Oh, and the library was right there on the right front. I played chess too. Tom Swift, Chip Hilton, Dave Dawson and the RAF, Hardy Boys, Happy Hollisters, Bobbsey Twins, Nancy Drew – series and books all there to be discovered. The Nancy Drews were scary enough that I did not read too many. My daughter grew up devouring them. She has the Happy Hollisters that I read and later collected. Old and new, there is something bittersweet about change. It happens all the time. When did I get so sentimental?

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  1. ….it is a great pleasure to see my own growing-up years through your own eyes. I recall Miss Lambert bringing to class the very first Dr. Seuss book and kids actually got into fights trying to get it from the school library. For me it was the ‘Little House’ (..in the big woods; on the prairie) books, and I later found out the author wrote them from her home up in Malone, N. Y. I learned swimming at Seneca Park Pool–an outdoor one. I was such a whiner (lessons were early in the morning, and it was freezing), my mother didn’t even bother taking my brother when it was his turn. He still can’t swim.

    August 17, 2015 at 11:46 am

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