Word and Image

Dancing Shrimp


Really! That’s what they are named in the book. You see them on night dives. I am learning. My dive instructor was really impressed by my find. But then again we are relative amateurs to some of the expert photographers who are about.


No one tells you. They like to hide among the urchins not far from the shore. So there are not to hard to find. But they are hard to photograph. And because everyone wants to swim deep the shrimp are not easy because you get a minute or two to find and shoot them right about near the end of the dive.


They don’t like bright light (flashlights – duh!) so it they scurry when you shine on them. And the urchins are deadly dangerous. The spines go through gloves and wet suits like nothing. So do not touch the urchins. I know this because I did once upon a time. Trust me. You don’t want to touch an urchin. Otherwise the best way to see shrimp is to shine your light and it will reflect off their eyes. Red eye underwater!!! And that’s how you locate them. Then you sidle up without shining too much. Otherwise they scurry away. And then you try for a shot. I’m still working at it. It is, as they say, a proverbial work in progress. As for the dancing part, you go figure. They don’t.

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