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Twin Chromodorid Nudibranch – How Nice!


Each dive brings something interesting. And on night dives, which happen infrequently usually something spectacular happens. After a while you get used to the unusual. No big deal. I’ve done more than 250 dives. That would be a lot for someone who only dives on vacation. But there are divers with more than 5000 dives. It was during Ramadan. People don’t dive much during the day because they are fasting. So this group showed up to dive at night. How wonderful! We did two this night. That is unheard of. We only do a single night dive. But they came to dive and were doing two. They were gracious as they broke their fast. I was invited to pot luck dinner. Everyone brought stuff and I shared.

Two photographers I knew well. The other two were new to me. And then the last guy showed up late. He arrived as we were ready to go into the water. All the others ribbed him but we all waited patiently. He smoked a cigarette and then we were off. Down around 70 feet we found this nudibranch. It’s relatively bigger than what I am used to seeing. And everyone got shots and video and …. One guy hovered and video lights blazed for a good 15 minutes. And two guys wandered off in the other direction, got separated, and missed this subject entirely. It’s big! I have not seen one since and never before. It was special. And here we are. A single shot among many I made. One. Pick one. I refrain from showing all the other nice images. But then among them, I had to choose one…oh the agony. I look at this one image and the memory of that spectacular dive comes back. It was pretty special that night.



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