Word and Image

Christmas Tree Worm


I promised Carol not to have so many fishies. Sorry. But it is my passion of late. I could show gory operations but blood is red and it’s hard to distinguish things. I love these guys. They come in many colors, blue, yellow, brown… I don’t know who decided they are worms. I fished with worms and they are not like these. They do not wiggle and jiggle. They sit there on the coral and will disappear at the hint of danger. So there is something that must like to eat them. They stick up like an upside down Christmas tree. There is a horn like structure in the middle. There are always two trees straddling one horn. I like yellow and blue not brown and green. But I don’t get much choice. They are tiny and hard to photograph. But then you might not know that. So I’m telling you so.

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