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Archive for November 4, 2015

Black and white


We were in a secret cove the other day. It was by chance. The dive computer threatened us with decompression stop. So rather than do it we went shallow and came here. It is not obvious to find this cove and in hundreds of dives I have not been here. We were shallow. Most of the time we dive at below 30 feet. The white nudibranch was on a coral and crawling steady. I have actually not seen them move quickly. It actually was headed for cover.


And the blue spotted shield slug was on the move across the open white sand. And it was making progress. Of course being dark on a white background is not too good for long life. The blue spots were not visible until I got this image on the computer. The contrast in the scene did not allow me to see them. Both of these are a first time sighting for me. There is always something new. It’s grand.