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Archive for November 10, 2015

Rare, Seen It Before


It’s an eel not a snake. Looks like a snake, huh? But snakes don’t breathe underwater and we are definitely under the water. This slippery guy is hard to catch. It hides. And it stays out of the open. It can slip into a tiny opening in the coral and be gone before you can raise your camera.


We do not mess with the wildlife, remember? “Don’t touch nothin’!!!” So I was very happy to capture these images. You just have to be alert or have a good dive buddy who points and gesticulates and then gets out of the way while you go for it. Yeah, this is pretty uncommon. But like all things, I have seen this eel before.


And now you are too, again. I don’t mind telling you that this is not something you just go down and yawn, “Been there done that.” That said, look closely at its face. He’s a butt ugly bastard.