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Scorpion Fish


Red color is lost as you go deeper in the sea. This wavelength disappears earlier. At depth everything appears blue green. Flash will bring color back. But I ask. Why are the fish brightly colored if they spend most of their time at depth? The follow up question is, why do fish, who camouflage themselves in order to prey upon their victims, have brightly colored skin. Not all scorpion fish are bright in color. But this guy was certainly a standout.





Walking in Manhattan Beach I chanced upon a group of kids headed up the road. Nice shot. Gotta have your camera ready. I was walking the dog with Jules. There they were and moment later they separated and went over the hill. Buddies. Girls and guys, innocent, and I hope, happy. Life looked like it did not weigh heavily on this day. Soon enough work and worries intrude. Love. Life and death. For now the worst is social media and the report card and SAT and college and….

Black and white


We were in a secret cove the other day. It was by chance. The dive computer threatened us with decompression stop. So rather than do it we went shallow and came here. It is not obvious to find this cove and in hundreds of dives I have not been here. We were shallow. Most of the time we dive at below 30 feet. The white nudibranch was on a coral and crawling steady. I have actually not seen them move quickly. It actually was headed for cover.


And the blue spotted shield slug was on the move across the open white sand. And it was making progress. Of course being dark on a white background is not too good for long life. The blue spots were not visible until I got this image on the computer. The contrast in the scene did not allow me to see them. Both of these are a first time sighting for me. There is always something new. It’s grand.

Pot Pie


We were up in San Luis Opisbo. It was dinner, fast, before heading to the drive-in movie. IMG_6922Pot pie – it’s comfort food. I was in the mood. It worked well. Nothing fancy, it was still memorable. IMG_6920Add – fried artichokes – it was a California dinner after all. I’m surprised how many people don’t know artichokes. So, you can’t see the food. The artichoke is batter fried. About anything fried and battered is good. And the pie crust covers the pot. Yes, but you didn’t taste either. I assure you that this was good.

Girl Friend


Girl friend story? I;m diving with my buddy Amir. He finds things and this time he outdid himself. He calls this a razor fish. My book calls it a spotted shrimpfish. It was solitary and drifted slowly out of reach. It kept moving away till Amir stuck his dive stick in the sand. Whoa!

IMG_3273It stopped and hovered near the aluminum stick. We took shots. Yes, it stayed put! Love at first stick? And when we left with the stick it followed. Geez!

Camp Stories


After dark, and it’s really dark when you camp, there’s not much to do except tell camp stories. Really! So Jules whipped out this game. She and Jeff camp and they have a portable version. Catan, you may know it.

IMG_6970 I have never played. I beat her pants off. She was chagrined. It is a dice based turn game. And I had the lucky dice. She did not let me win. I would have let her win, but the dice were the dice. Her dice….no pants.