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Archive for December 2, 2015

On Vacation


I’m on vacation. The next eight days are scripted and scheduled. Dive photos, fishies. Sorry. I promise to mix things up when I return. Meanwhile I am posting what I shoot mostly in the moment. So it has been diving. My gear is changing. I’m due to return with a Canon G7X with Nauticam housing. Since few understand what this means, I have upgraded. I had sworn to keep the budget low but got lured by the promise of ever better control over the light and exposure and color balance and… Envy! I was envious of the divers with big rig cameras and the ability to shoot what I could not. So I hope to get better. Meanwhile I need a new dive computer. Mine is determined to be too liberal allowing me more minutes at depth than my buddy thinks safe. It just keeps getting more expensive. And though I’d love to be paid this remains strictly a hobby. Feather duster worms. Translucent, delicate, beautiful, and these were not seen before by me.


The other is pink when I look through my goggles in unfiltered light. The strobe shows it to be less than bright pink. This is reverse color desaturation. I like the bright pink. But I can’t show it.