Word and Image

Symbiotic and Hard to Shoot


Neat. The names for these guys are like their symbiosis. They are name linked. Shrimp goby – Goby shrimp. How imaginative! The photo is a hard one to get. The shrimp is very very shy. The goby is the look out.


Anything that spooks it and the goby ducks into the hole and there they hide for a good long time. The shrimp digs the hole. The shrimp is almost translucent. The exposure against the sand is hard to gain contrast. Flash works but you are not close. The shrimp will not tolerate a close approach. There are red spots. I didn’t notice till the book named it.


There is also an asymmetry to the claws. Left handed? The left is larger. Anyway, the shrimp digs and the goby stands guard. Getting the shot is the challenge.

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