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Archive for December 27, 2015

Bubble Coral Shrimp


This shrimp fascinates me. My dive buddy has great vision and points them out. I can’t see them for beans. I try. Oh, and I mean to point out the juvenile fish nearby. You don’t get that everyday either.


Nope, My eyes just don’t see them. This set of images is magnified significantly. It you point it out to me it looks like a speck of dust in the water. So be appreciative it’s not easy to see.


And I’ve got a series of images now. So it’s not big novelty any more. But, the fish and the shrimp together, that’s different. I know special pictures are made all the time. We take it for granted.


For me, I still get a thrill to see something nearly invisible to my eye. It’s part of what makes you dive again and again.