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Archive for December 28, 2015

Yellow Boxfish


New camera! I returned with a new camera. New gear! Yay! Like a kid. You know…boys and their toys. Really! This is gonna make a difference. Actually, it’s not the gear, it’s the photographer. And it’s not the photographer but the luck of being in the right place. If you can be in the right place with the right gear, and, then, get the shot…well that’s what makes it all so special. Sorry! Am I sounding a bit enthusiastic? Simply put, you need the right gear, the right circumstances, and the reflexes to set up your camera efficiently in order to shoot what you see. A great fish story is even better with an image to back you up. They keep making fun of the fact that I see a mermaid pretty regularly.


Nice preamble. I wanted the new gear ‘cause I wanted new gear. All the rationalizing doesn’t change a thing. I got good shots with the old set up. But at a certain point you want to get better good shots. See? …it’s a guy thing. Funny, ‘cause I don’t see to many women with big rig camera setups. Don’t get me wrong there are some terrific women. I know one in particular…


Options, the big deal about digital is that you can shoot and shoot. And now I can shoot more and worry less about exposure. It’s technical. But what I can to is concentrate on composition and the lighting takes care of itself more better. Yes, the English is fractured and that’s my point. If you worry about grammar you will miss the story. In the days when you shot a film roll of 36 pictures, you were done after the roll. You would have to emerge and reload your camera. It’s a logistical nightmare to endure. Now I shoot a couple hundred images per dive and never think twice. Spoiled? You bet! So, I ended up with three decent head on images of the yellow box fish. It’s nice to have choices. Unfortunately only one image will be chosen. Therein lies the agony. What do you do with the other perfectly fine images? So many images, no where to put them…