Word and Image

Snowflake Moray Eel


I don’t make the names up. Honest! They are in my book. Unfortunately the pictures are not always an exact match. But it looks close enough. Close is for horseshoes, eh? Anyway, we were pretty excited to find this guy. Hey! I found him. Rare for me, actually I swam over him and saw the movement from the corner of my eye. …this old guys still has some use. But an image was not easy. Morays are said to be dangerous. Don’t ask me. It’s lore. Which old wives tale I don’t know but I’m not taking any chances.


Anyway a couple of mouthbreathing divers make a lot of noise and this moray was having none of it. I got a few shots and that was it. He hid very well under the coral. How well? …good!

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