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Rant and Trash Talk


There are those here in the Middle East who are clearly shaking their heads at American politics. Clowns! They are for entertainment and laughter. The current group of Republican candidates are making me embarrassed to say I am American. Sorry. But they do not play well overseas. The trash talking reality TV sound bites are outrageous and inappropriate. More telling are the Koch brothers with their billions who have not backed a single one of these nuts. They want to see who survives before they toss billions into the race to buy the votes needed to secure the next President. Oh? The picture? Another rant. Trash! Yeah. This is the view right off the dive venue. The bottles are empty and floating and have been there for a while. What a lovely view! Bastards! All I can say is that it seems people care so little for those who come behind them. Don’t bother. Trash the place, I’ve been here and taken my pleasure. Let someone else see the mess I left. Really!? Pick up your trash! Around here people still toss trash right out the window of their moving cars. It’s pretty unlikely anyone reading this post does that. There might be a few Republicans among you….how about that Trump?


One response

  1. …. you tell it like it is, doc!

    February 22, 2016 at 4:42 pm

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