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The first thing you do after a group of cats adopt you is to name them. Initially Badi was the friendliest. And he and Lulu were pretty easy going around strange humans. They definitely like tuna. But it seems that it is not exactly healthy eating for cats? Mercury? So, cat food – Friskies. Hey, they sell that in the US! Fish flavored, high grain content, healthy for cats – they liked it! Suddenly a group would appear to feed. I now have five regulars. And so they are named because I see them.


Badi, which mean marvelous in Arabic was initially my favorite because he came close allowed me to pet him. His buddies Butch and Lulu were close behind. We are on our third bag of cat food.


Badi does not like that I switched brands. He comes around to get petted but not to eat much. He hangs around for the random chance when I give the group a can of tuna. Not too bright he is also looking to mate with the females. This means he is timid but forward around them. He and Lulu might be related. She allows him near but does not let him make advances. Hey, I’ve been watching them interact.


Badi came in through the open front door. He’s not bright. He couldn’t remember where the door was and ran into the living room to climb the sheer curtains in order to leap out the window. I had to grab him and evict him before damage occurred. Everyone is laughing because he comes around when I whistle. Yeah, I trained them to respond and know when I was home.