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Lily showed up late but is a fairly regular cat now. She looked enough like Lulu that I called her Lily just to have a similar sounding name. Hey, it’s cats we are naming here. And besides, they don’t respond much to their name. What the heck, they may have entirely different names amongst themselves. Am I talking to much to myself here? Maybe I’ve been alone too long? Note to self: check sanity.


Lily looks enough like Lulu that I have trouble telling them apart in the dark. The noses are colored differently. And Lily appears to have been pregnant in the past. The fact the Lulu looks alike does not reflect that the two are hissing enemies. Lulu, mainly, is very unhappy to be near Lily. See the difference? That’s Lulu below.


Lily for the large part is aloof to the others and often eats apart. She will sit upright prim and proper and then depart before the others. Lulu remains on guard till she goes. Badi tries to siddle up for a mating try. For the most part Lily is solitary.