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Archive for March 7, 2016

Crocodile Fish


This is my second. Maybe it’s the same fish. I don’t think so. But it is definitely my second encounter.


It’s so rare. I see him, photograph him, and then leave. Why? It was so hard to find and so rare to photograph. How come I didn’t linger longer?


Nope, fire off a frame from multiple angles and check exposure and move on in less than five. Internet, cyber attention span…a min show me the next. But anyways, I got better exposure than the last time. And the eyes have some color.


And, I’m sure this fish would prefer that I leave it alone. How do they mate? You never see another one around. How do you find a mate if no one else sees another for a year or more? It’s rhetorical. I like to worry about the love life of crocodile fish.