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The green are not fish eggs. My buddy told me it is an anemone. Beautiful! And the nudibranch – look at the serrations on the rhinopores.


Ok, maybe you are not suitably impressed. But it sure is detail that I did not suspect till I got a real close up look. Yeah, I like to find new things and be impressed. I looked and I have more than 300 dives in this area – mostly on this reef. Many divers want to try something new, go somewhere different, see new stuff. Yes, me too. But I have to admit that I see new things all the time. If you have to be here, it’s not half bad.

I’m still treading water here… the wedding is done by the time this post is up. Now to edit a few pictures. Who knows the future? All I am reasonably sure about is that they are still married. Happily? So far!