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Archive for March 13, 2016

Calm Before The Storm

_DSC6819 copyHa! I now realize that there is nothing calm before a wedding. I got to take pictures. The wedding photographer was a nice gal. She got to shoot the dressing up with the girls. But needless to say I got my chance. Everyone was frantic that I would be a loose canon. I was warned by everyone. And then I was rewarded with… “Gee, the pictures were great!” The ?@!@#$! you have to put up with to get the image! Street photography with your own family! They actually confiscated my camera before the ceremony. Bastards! I gave up my big one to my brother. He shot. Ok!

But meanwhile, there was still some touch up to do. Another quiet moment before the storm, you capture the moment and it’s gone before you blink. Yeah, this image is not one that the wedding photographer got. Sorry. She was in another spot. It was my kid’s wedding and I was determined to get some good shots too. See! They were right to reign me in. Oh! No video – so alternatively, I set up my nephews with a pair of video cameras – stage right and stage left – with an external remote mic! In the blowing wind the sound was a nightmare. That darned remote mic worked like magic! I’m brilliant! And Jules thanked me for that too. I’m glad it all worked out. They are all ecstatic in retrospect. But I got gray hair just trying to do the right thing. After all this time they still think the old man doesn’t know a thing. Hey! It’s been that way since they were about twelve. So what if I still don’t have a Facebook account. I was around before digital, video, and smart phones. Got the shot! Any complaints? See management…