Word and Image

Hermit Crab Again, Again

IMG_0875So the very next week, gee, it’s like an epidemic… yup, the very next week. Well, I just got lamenting my lost opportunity. And….whoa!


Another shell appeared and there was another hermit crab! Wow! It was the end of the dive again. I carried that sucker back to the safety stop. Farid was frozen.


Ali, my other dive buddy, was hovering patiently overhead. I was down till my air was nearly depleted. And I got the shots. I took the shell with me. Sorry kids. And then on the next dive, Ali got to stage his own shots of the crab. Neat!


Yes, I played with the wild life. Sorry! He survived and we put him in a nice cozy new place. And he will live happily ever after….

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