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Archive for April 21, 2016

Bubble Coral Shrimp


I confess. I can’t see this guy. My dive buddy points it out when he sees one. By now I know the drill. He signals and I move in. It’s a dot among the bubble coral. Tiny, tiny, you have to take my word. Oh! See the claws. I would have thought that crab and lobster have claws. But they call this a shrimp. Close-up lens, yeah! It takes a great image. My other buddy tried. He couldn’t see it either. I guess the first one with x-ray vision is the winner. It ain’t me. I’m so grateful to have a buddy who sees things. No he does not have an imaginary friend. The next few posts are about bubble shrimp and my observations and evolving skills. It’s interesting because within a few dives I discovered that things changed. So, I can string together some images which look the same but are vastly different in terms of my skill and ability. This starting image would have been great for me. Then the bar went higher.