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Archive for April 22, 2016

Bubbles – the Coral Shrimp


You think the last one was good till you see the next. I got one of these shots. And my dive buddy Amr got the other. He’s my photo guru. Eyes that miss nothing. He joked that he got an image of the shrimp’s brain.


Wizard of Oz – “If I Only Had A Brain.” It doesn’t. So I don’t think there was much to demonstrate. Except there are those scales. This is detail! Everybody is afraid to be eaten. This speck would barely be a tidbit.


Definitely not tasty or worth the trouble. What I can tell you, I am not skilled enough to do this shot. Yet! But half the trick is understanding how they did it. And now to leap off the cliff…it won’t hurt a bit. The landing – that’s another matter to discuss…