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Archive for April 23, 2016

Oh no! More shrimp…


My shot. This would be my usual till now. I’m not too good at getting in on top of the subject yet. Focus and technical details still elude me. I am still closing my eyes and hoping for the best. Don’t get me wrong. This is special stuff. And I’m getting much better. Learning on the fly is pretty fascinating. I don’t have any formal lessons. I just go and shoot. Click, adjust, shoot, and adjust, all done on the fly. I constantly am impressed at how I’m able to come away with something decent. Now I’m working on better. Bear with me. Oh, you don’t see these guys often even though I’ve posted something three times recently. I was just thinking of seeing one with my close-up lens and my wish was granted. So, fingers crossed…I’m thinking I’d like to see a mermaid!