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Archive for April 24, 2016

More Bubbles


Hey! I found this all by myself! I’m working this subject to death. And I’m sure if you don’t dive – enough! And if you eat shrimp – get on with it! This thing has claws! It’s not even a morsel. It’s way smaller than some fish poop I swim through. I’s like a small piece of lint on the coral. That’s what makes it so damn hard to see, so hard to find, and so hard to photograph.


If you don’t look you will never see it. And if you look you will usually not find it. And if you are old and wear glasses…well, good luck to you underwater. They do not wear glasses. Things are magnified through the dive mask. But there are so many other ways to mess up vison. Your mask fogs. We use shampoo. A few drops and it coats the lens and fog is much less. You just blurring from the wavy soap. For some reason the camera and the glass stay pristine.


So the images I shoot are better than what I see. You need faith. I need religion but that’s another issue. Hey! This set of images were on another dive and I am better at finding than I ever thought. I actually got a chance to shoot this shrimp as it moved over the bubble coral.


And I got detail. …the claws. Not quite as good as my expert dive guru. But it’s more than decent. Just not great. But I’m better…just not as good as I will be…