Word and Image



Don’t touch nothin’ under the sea. Nothin’ nope nada. Every time I brush the coral I get a rash. The water repellent shirt you wear is called a rash guard. I still remember my buddy Jack calling it that. Me, I thought the lightweight shirt shed water. That too, but the real purpose is to protect you if you touch something. Don’t ever, touch nothin’ ever. Got it?



So here is what I am now seeing with my close-up lens. No I’m not really seeing this underwater. The hairs are too small to really see until you enlarge the image on the computer. It’s simply amazing what’s out there just waiting to give me a rash. Don’t touch nothin’ ever. Of course I never met rule I didn’t mind breaking…



IMG_1191IMG_9835I never appreciated the fine hairs. Obviously seen in macro mode, this stuff is highly irritating and will give you a skin rash that lasts weeks. Don’t touch anything!

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