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Archive for May 8, 2016

Not Too Shabby


The fish has a name. Sorry, I can’t find him in the fish book. He’s there somewhere. But you weren’t gonna remember the name anyway. Call him Max. There, he has a name. This one is about an inch long. The back end has a large spot to confuse predators as to which end faces forward. And this guy darts backward and forwards. Duh! He’s skittish. Usually. So you bide your time and your time will come. This one was cooperative. He stood still! And he did not shy away. Did I mention bubbles make a lot of noise? So I held my breath and got a couple shots. And they were in focus! After all that is the object here. And then I could post to the blog and say what a good dive photographer I am. Ah! Just look at the detail. If you knew how hard it was to get this shot, you’d be happy too.