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Hooded. As opposed to non-hooded. It’s not much to look at. And it likes to camo – as in camouflage. So we saw it on a night dive. It’s ugly and really not terribly photogenic. So, you make do. You try to get the eyes. There is one in the picture. And I think he’s winking at me. No, I’m not paranoid. He’s also got this pink antenna like thing in front of its face. I assume front end is where the eyes are. Although they always say moms have eyes in the back of their heads… It was just happy enough to have me leave it alone. And like everything else, I don’t touch nothin.’

As an aside, there are very few people who enjoy night diving. Afraid of the dark? You bet. I think that the mind envisions a big shark lurking in the black waiting to gobble you and your flashlight in a single gulp. Yes, there are sharks. So at night the number of divers dwindle to about 2%. Well, whatever, it’s very very few. Grown men – afraid of the dark!


Too funny. Yes, yes, I was too – at first. There is a dive specialty for night dives. I never took it. I just did it. The guys I was with were doing the course with the instructor. Funny. My son did a night dive right after his open water qualification. No instruction except for what I briefed him to look out for. He didn’t even have his official card. He was brave. I talked my daughter and him into it. Come to think of it, I’m not sure how many night dives she has done. No matter, it’s pretty straightforward as long as you have your trusty flashlight. They followed me into the murky dark of the Red Sea at night. No one else was there to do night dive. It was New Year’s eve in Jeddah. The water was too cold for the local folk. Looking over my shoulder in the eerie light, I saw both kids holding hands and flashing their lights in all directions with the other. Cute. They never did tell me if they were a afraid of the dark. The highlight of that dive was that they found a hermit crab. When I went to position it for a good shot, they pulled my hand away. No messin’ with the wildlife. Their mother taught them that. I’m much more casual.