Word and Image

Head Shot


See? Here’s an example. I thought of this post based on the shot I knew would be on my memory card when I got home. It ain’t perfect. Like my English. ..and my grammar. Miss Digman (seventh grade – sentence diagramming) would be all over me. Subject verb tense, oh my! And don’t forget the commas. Maybe I should’a been a poet. No rules. No capital letters….

Golden spotted flatworm. The name, silly. Apropos. I never knew that there was a front – and back. And you know ‘cause I have posted about this in this very blog, somewhere in the distant past. If you don’t remember, do not fret. It’s Alzheimer’s! Tra la! Anyway, it would not be a story unless I digress… Night dive, pointed to it courtesy of my buddy. I did the requisite catalog shot. Then I got another low angle creative, why am I here?, shot. Yes! The spots are even raised. The downside? The depth of field is so shallow that everything is not in focus. Usually there are eyes. None here.

Head shot? Lots of connotations. Kill shot for an assassin. Glamour shot for an aspiring actress. Getting the front end of golden spotted flatworm? At night?! Priceless!


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