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The highlight of the Beirut visit was going to Mandaloun. It’s a night club. It’s not just any night club. Apparently it is the place to go and be. For several days everyone was in anticipation of the visit. Reservations, and a little cash got us right up front. We were pretty much on top of the performers. Farid was drinking. So i did what the natives do… as in Rome… I had Bailey’s. I don’t drink. I get a headache and sleepy. I matched him drink for drink. Actually, I just sipped and let the ice melt. Dammit, he was drinking fruit juice. He never told me. But, he gets tipsy too! That’s him next to his cousin. Looks sober, right?


And the very large bank of speakers was there in my ear. Ear trauma! When we left I was deaf. I knew I could hear. But it was as though I was under several mattresses. It was about an hour before, much to my relief, my hearing recovered. My kids say that I don’t hear well already. They’d have a real laugh over this. Did I say it was loud? Am I repeating myself? Look at me when I shout at you. The gal is Farid’s cousin. Nice kid. She actually texted me and showed me her phone to communicate. Yes we were standing next to each other and not in voice communication. She’s been there before. She knew exactly how to make her point. Eh?