Word and Image


Science and religion clash. Evolution does not exist if God created the earth in seven days. I read it in the Bible. Or, Darwin is correct? I keep my sins to a minimum in case there is a heaven. And I sin because there might not be heaven. We can agree to disagree. Or not. It’s why wars are fought. Jonathan Swift could never have written Gulliver’s Travels otherwise. It was a great childhood movie. Too bad it sailed right over my head until high school straightened the innocence right out of me. I like Greek mythology too…

Phrenology, palmistry, sand sculpture, do you understand the dilemma? I shoot images. I don’t stick to any topic in particular. I once told Susan that I shoot flag pictures. And she does too. I shoot the red, white, and blue. But wherever I am I will shoot the flag of any country or state too. There’s no mission. I’m not paid. It’s a lifelong hobby. I’m unstructured because there is no agenda. So my image collection is not just fish, or cats, or food, or…

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