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The sky did not fall. 52 million voters got what they wanted. I know at least two Republican women (who voted for DT) who agree the man is an asshole. Yes! Absolute. But, he’s our fearless leader. Let’s hope we don’t go to hell in a hand basket. Last weekend we entertained two Republicans who voted for DT and another was Libertarian. They simply said, “Not Hillary.” Be careful what you wish for. He’s in. We’re out. Tomorrow, the march. There’s not much hope for sanity or civility. My friends were my friends before and will remain so. I’m shaking my head. They got what they voted for. What? You can’t shake your head and take it back. Both of them are women. Both know what they did. They acknowledge his foibles. Grope me. They didn’t care. “Not Hillary.” What a tactical mistake the Dems made. Someone keeps whispering, “I told you so.” Yup…