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Yes, before it was email, it was food. There are spam festivals. Really! The Koreans love the stuff. I ate it as a kid. Slice it and pan fry it covered in sugar. Read the label. Do it. Did you notice the calorie count? Did you notice you are eating pure fat? “Lite?” How? Oh really, seriously, make it lite and it won’t kill you? Read the label on processed sardines. Repeat after me, I will read the label and then put the can back on the shelf where I found it. Fat. It’s about as appetizing as my email spam.




Sometimes I shoot through the car window. Not a great idea I admit. We’re not talking museum exhibition here. Another day another sunset… I like blue sky days. But sunsets are the ones that get all the attention. Yes kids, don’t try this while driving. Do what I say, not what I did.


Texas Roadhouse

You can’t go back. It’s interesting. There is a plethora of fast food chains in the USA. This one was started in Indiana. I found this restaurant driving through Maryland. I ate in one for the first time in Jeddah. Go figure. Comparison? Yeah, the Filipinos (Jeddah) can cook better than their American chain immigrant counterparts. That is to plainly say, the food was prepared better in Jeddah. Maybe it’s just too plain and tired in the USA. I imagine it the same reason they fire the cast of Broadway show and start over. It helps to be new and scared. Familiarity becomes lazy and the food slips quickly into mediocrity. Trust me, the idea is good. But the food was less than expertly prepared to order. It’s hard to do soggy fries. They did. I’m not complaining. Macaroni Grill had the same tiredness. It’s good to know I should avoid the American chain restaurants. And if I go then I know not to be disappointed.



Technically he’s not a fish. Ugly. Very. Almost spooky. He was under a plastic football helmet in a pet store. He was minding his own business. Hermit crab? A pet? Gee, that’s exciting.

No Stopping


I’m lazy. I don’t stop and set up a tripod and shoot a glorious sunset. Life moves too fast. And, I am not inclined to stop to smell the roses. Sorry. But I keep a camera around and shoot something almost every day. Sunset in the car, it seems I am always going somewhere around sunset time. Often as not wires or other obstructions obscure the image. Civilization. Digital images are simply amazing. You could never and probably would never try any of this with a film camera. And the resolution is also amazing. Shoot, “amazing” three times in one post.


Jets fly at an average altitude of more than 35,000 feet. So that would be close to 7 miles above the ground. Check out the wings and the engines. So, I’m looking up. I’ve spend plenty of time looking down. I’m too small to be seen by anyone from above. It gives you pause to see how you stand in the world.


Turkish. It’s a restaurant in Delaware. You probably won’t try it. So, I won’t bother to tell you an exact location. I have not missed Middle Eastern food since I left Jeddah. But… well, where is there a place for kabobs? Aha! The internet knows all. It was open and authentic…pretty much. It was like the place I liked in NYC so well. Family run and cordial, they have belly dancing once a month. It sounds like a plan. Kabobs were good. I had sigara borek which was spelled cigarette borek. Don’t worry if you have never had it. But it’s good and a staple. Falafel, that too, is standard stuff. It is a lot less expensive in Jeddah. But it’s a lot more of pain to get to Jeddah these days. Imagine that, authentic Turkish food in Delaware. The authentic Vietnamese, Asian fusion place, closed this winter. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you don’t.

Do you know why you lost?


Clueless! 17% approved your Republican bill. That would be… among all Americans. Duh! Your own Republican majority failed to pass a bill they have pushed for seven straight years. Failure? Nope, it’s a Democratic plot to continue to foist Obamacare on the unsuspecting American voters. Better yet, Ben Carson, MD, the preeminent neurosurgeon and now cabinet member stated that he could implant an electrode in your brain and you would recite word for word from any book you read decades ago. Right! I’m a neurosurgeon too. It ain’t happening in his dreams. But maybe he should offer POTUS a quick fix. It ain’t hard. And Ivanka? Skiing in Aspen with her kids on break. Yeah, the kids are more important than 24 million Americans about to lose health care. I get it. (see first word here today)

If you believe I am gloating, please see the previous parenthetical phrase…

Do You Miss It?


Do you miss my fish stories? None since last September, I’m stretching for things. I used to talk about old pics, then current pics, and now it’s an eclectic mix of what’s around that triggers another yarn. I used to live in NYC too. There, you were in the midst of everything. Nowadays everything flies over me. See the contrails. I have to say that these days I do a lot of nothing and it fills my day. I don’t have time lately to work. I don’t miss the news either. If you just get the summary once a day, it’s more than enough. I watched CNN and MSNBC for the first time since the election. It’s not fake news but the announcer was actually arguing with one of his guests. When did we cross over from news to opinion? The hits keep coming. Trump 2: travel ban 0. It’s Christians in the coliseum again. Reality politics, stay tuned, blink and you will miss it. Not me.

Chicken Soup


It makes you better from whatever ails you. ‘Wish everything were so easy and straightforward. But it works. My version was made from my head, no recipe. I got back a pot made from a recipe. It all works. Everyone felt better.



There are ladies. Elle. Prim, proper, she stands aloof from the others in our house. She does not cavort nor unravel yarn. She’s loving on her terms. We are hers. She has the “it” factor. Yup… in charge.