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Amateur Hour

amateur-copyLeave it to the Republicans to botch something else. Is it just the Republicans or it there something wrong in Arkansas? Or, what the f…? The rush is on because one of the drugs used will expire shortly. Oh brother! Catch 22. What expires? Patient or drug? And on the day before or the day after, will the drug be different?

Story: The Army asked for an expiration date on tylenol which was placed in their MRE’s. Aha! An expiration date? We can sell so much more drug. And what exactly is it inside a solid pill that breaks down? And that begs the question of whether that same pill is only 50% effective at its expiration or what? Great way to make money, I think.

Question: If a drug is 100% effective on its date of manufacture, when does it deteriorate and become…99 98 97 …50% effective? If you take an expired drug will you… expire? Please?

Meanwhile, if you want to execute someone with drugs then get a proper anesthesiologist. They put people to sleep for surgery every day. You don’t hear stories of botched anesthesia for surgery except infrequently. I know a couple. Two idiot docs in Jeddah put two patients to sleep and did not give oxygen. Oh yeah! But geeez, anesthesia  works out about every other time. For a good execution just don’t wake the executed prisoner. What is so hard about that?

I know it’s crumby. But really! You can always get more drugs that are fresh. After waiting so long to carry out sentence, you can spring for some good drugs?

I am against the death penalty for the reason that we are constantly told of people improperly convicted. Otherwise politicians and law enforcement should indeed leave this stuff to experts. I never heard that Jack Kevorkian ever screwed up. We can do this guys, if you really, really want to try. Yeah, it’s a Republican governor out there in Arkansas. Which came first the Republican or the dummy? Oh my! Will the chicken cross the road? And, what color was Washington’s white horse.?



The thing about this image is that I had every opportunity to make it right. Ooops! The right side is way over exposed. I know that. I knew that. I should know that. I should have known that. Did I miss any tenses? Missed! Darn! There probably won’t be a next time. Getting the falls in the winter with the ice is an image I’ll likely not have a chance to do again. The important thing – did I learn from this mistake? Oh bother… another regret.