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Buddy, can you spare a dime?


Seen one lately? Know what it is? Amazing! Payphones are a relic. It cost a dime to make a call when I grew up. It was later a quarter – that would be 25 cents. David objected strenuously. He had to use them when he was in high school. Nope, he did not have a cellphone until his senior year. Imagine that. This forlorn thing was sitting on a wall at a closed abandoned country store. Progress?


img_5354Pulled the bathroom curtain down

Ate the rose

Unrolled the toilet paper and made confetti

Flipped the pan – ate the pear tart

Lifted the roll top door – chewed the bag – ate the cat treats

Opened the bi-fold doors and ate cat food – food coma

Opened the laundry room door – jail break

Tormented Elle

Climbed on the table when we eat

Climbed on the table and escaped with grilled cheese sandwich

The list goes on and bad behavior will continue. More to follow… With a cute face like this, can you really be mad?