Word and Image

Do you know why you lost?


Clueless! 17% approved your Republican bill. That would be… among all Americans. Duh! Your own Republican majority failed to pass a bill they have pushed for seven straight years. Failure? Nope, it’s a Democratic plot to continue to foist Obamacare on the unsuspecting American voters. Better yet, Ben Carson, MD, the preeminent neurosurgeon and now cabinet member stated that he could implant an electrode in your brain and you would recite word for word from any book you read decades ago. Right! I’m a neurosurgeon too. It ain’t happening in his dreams. But maybe he should offer POTUS a quick fix. It ain’t hard. And Ivanka? Skiing in Aspen with her kids on break. Yeah, the kids are more important than 24 million Americans about to lose health care. I get it. (see first word here today)

If you believe I am gloating, please see the previous parenthetical phrase…

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