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Do You Miss It?


Do you miss my fish stories? None since last September, I’m stretching for things. I used to talk about old pics, then current pics, and now it’s an eclectic mix of what’s around that triggers another yarn. I used to live in NYC too. There, you were in the midst of everything. Nowadays everything flies over me. See the contrails. I have to say that these days I do a lot of nothing and it fills my day. I don’t have time lately to work. I don’t miss the news either. If you just get the summary once a day, it’s more than enough. I watched CNN and MSNBC for the first time since the election. It’s not fake news but the announcer was actually arguing with one of his guests. When did we cross over from news to opinion? The hits keep coming. Trump 2: travel ban 0. It’s Christians in the coliseum again. Reality politics, stay tuned, blink and you will miss it. Not me.

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