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Turkish. It’s a restaurant in Delaware. You probably won’t try it. So, I won’t bother to tell you an exact location. I have not missed Middle Eastern food since I left Jeddah. But… well, where is there a place for kabobs? Aha! The internet knows all. It was open and authentic…pretty much. It was like the place I liked in NYC so well. Family run and cordial, they have belly dancing once a month. It sounds like a plan. Kabobs were good. I had sigara borek which was spelled cigarette borek. Don’t worry if you have never had it. But it’s good and a staple. Falafel, that too, is standard stuff. It is a lot less expensive in Jeddah. But it’s a lot more of pain to get to Jeddah these days. Imagine that, authentic Turkish food in Delaware. The authentic Vietnamese, Asian fusion place, closed this winter. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you don’t.

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