Word and Image

No Stopping


I’m lazy. I don’t stop and set up a tripod and shoot a glorious sunset. Life moves too fast. And, I am not inclined to stop to smell the roses. Sorry. But I keep a camera around and shoot something almost every day. Sunset in the car, it seems I am always going somewhere around sunset time. Often as not wires or other obstructions obscure the image. Civilization. Digital images are simply amazing. You could never and probably would never try any of this with a film camera. And the resolution is also amazing. Shoot, “amazing” three times in one post.


Jets fly at an average altitude of more than 35,000 feet. So that would be close to 7 miles above the ground. Check out the wings and the engines. So, I’m looking up. I’ve spend plenty of time looking down. I’m too small to be seen by anyone from above. It gives you pause to see how you stand in the world.

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