Word and Image

Hell – Not


I love it when I learn a new trick! This problem had technical impossible disaster written all over it. What? Take a picture from a jet at five miles, 35,000 feet up at night while it speeds along at hundreds of miles an hour. Don’t forget there is the reflection of the jet’s interior lights against the glass which… Ok! So, the trick: I set the ISO at max – about 12,500. Yeah, nuts. Shutter speed I dialed down and down. I got images at 1/30 sec. I actually got an image! And it was more consistent than a “wing and a prayer.” Of course, there’s nothing you can do about the cloud cover – except this image looks like hell! Can you see the roiling clouds? The city lights seem to make it look like Dante’s inferno. (See: reference the city lights at the very top of the image where the clouds end.


Then there are images of the city. Don’t ask; it was a random city on the way home from LA. But look at the detail; even with a bit of zoom, I got detail and image definition.


How crazy is that? So from now on, I’ll sleep less and get some night city images from a jet plane. And, I thought it couldn’t be done. Imagine that. I have solved a problem that has baffled me all of my life. If you go on to use this trick be sure to credit me… and smile too.


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