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Don’t throw out nothin’


I admit I have been in a lot of antique stores lately. By definition the objects are older than 100 years. But, the category loosely refers to ‘old stuff.’ And, it has ’ high considerable value because of age.’ This display is an example that has been displayed more formal than the junk piles I usually see. There is all manner of junk. Junk? Yup. How about old containers. Empty! … as in spice containers, motor oil cans, cracker tins… you name it. The stuff boggles the mind. People save (and buy up…) old milk bottle tops (cardboard). Ok! You might be one to buy old bottle tops… but me? Nope. I just nod, tip my hat, and shake my head in utter amazement … that I ever threw anything out. There’s a buyer out there for all manner of trash?