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It’s oddly absurd. There is no other news. Turn on cable news, or read the New York Times headlines. It’s all about Trump. The USA joined Syria and Nicaragua in not signing on to climate change. Well, trump did. Have you noticed that the mainstream news calls him trump while Fox calls him President Trump? He (trump) wants to be adored. His every move makes him more reviled. Sure, there was applause in the rose garden when he announced his decision. Trevor Noah put it best. He “dissed” the environment in a “garden.” We still got the NRA and lots of tats. Heretofore it was “live and let live.” I don’t think anyone can remain on the sideline with a madman in power. There is no other news. trump dominates. He’s rapidly become an unpopular bully all the while wondering why people hate him so. I’m wrong because not everyone hates him. But more and more and more… go Russia! There was a time when the “moral majority” thought they wagged the dog. They never did and neither do you.


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