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Flowers in my garden

African daisy as opposed to a regular daisy, it’s a matter of opinion. I like different. It’s not so different any more. I found this plant in Pennsylvania. Lily? The key for me is closeup. Get the stamens in focus. The rest will take care of itself. It’s not so easy. …like salt on the bird’s tail.

Summer BBQ

Bright midday sun is a no no. But sometimes you want that look. It feels so bright. It’s tricky. Food photography is a completely different thing from eating. The asparagus is slightly underdone. And the pineapple is covered in cinnamon. The meal was a fine one. I don’t use a recipe. So, this combo was a one and done. I will do the elements again. But this was a unique meal. … a mighty good one.


You go to a yarn store… oops… a fiber store, and I take pics of the patterns and colors. It works for me.


Day Lily

This was in Chesapeake City, MD. It doesn’t’ matter where. But it was cool. Great display. They are native and grow wild in the northeast. They would be a weed, except people like them. You see them all over. I don’t have any yet. Soon. Hopefully they will take off and give my garden color someday.



Someone I know loves the smell of lavender. So, soap, tea, flavoring in chocolate, you name it, we have it or have tried it. Some you can eat, others you should not. We grow it and have harvested our own. Good stuff. It makes me smile. Too bad you can’t smell or taste in a blog post.

Push Me – Pull You

Since I cannot see any eyes, which is front and which is back?

Drinking Water

More cats. Ha, bet you’d like fish again? They play in the water. Yeah, I thought cats hate water but… They hang out and wait for me to drip the water. Then they drink, then they throw up, they don’t get along with chlorine. Bottled water! I don’t drink bottled water. They do.


And, if you’ve been paying attention, it’s Spice. She’s got less white on the end of her paws. Yes, I grew up with Paula and Margaret in grade school. They were identical and they dressed the same just to make it worse. Patch and Willow are identical too. I can’t tell them apart. But lately Patch has a scar to the left/right of his nose. And when that goes away, I won’t know one from the other, again.


Better Than Before

I’m restoring stuff now. I found a winder. It’s a winder I plan to use for silk cocoons. I thought so. However, there’s no simple way to remove the wound skein. This was probably for clothes line. It ain’t the same. I need the handle on the winder. Silk cocoons will wind off a mile of silk. Yeah, a mile! So, a handle would be very convenient. But I did not plan to wind it a mile back when I was done. Anyway I did make it look a lot spiffier.

Mint with Lemon


Blender fun. In Jeddah it was a popular (lemonade) drink with lots of mint. I discovered our blender and did the same. Somehow homemade is better. We have mint by the ton. So this summer should be a lot of fun. So far so good.

MC Convention

There was a gathering of motorcycles at the air museum the day I was there. Everyone was touring the planes. Then, they left. Just left. Quietly. It was a very civilized group with very nice shiny bikes. Which reminds me… I once operated upon a guy. Just before the operation he asked me if I rode. And I waxed over my spiffy Specialized cross trainer with two sets of brake levers on the handlebar. He listened patiently and then said, “I ride, a Harley, 1500 cc.” Ooops! That’s a bike! Not my kind, but a real bike. And… Eric rode. No license. On the day he went for and took the motorcycle test, he was riding home and a woman backing out of her driveway without looking struck him. He flew over her hood. He saw (but could not hear) her scream as he flew across. No serious injury except… as he flew over the handlebars his groin struck the instruments. You can imagine how that hurt. It was more painful then pride. Finally, one day in the ER… the cops brought in the mangled motorcycle helmet of a patient I was attending. There was a portion of guard rail through and through the helmet. They were so impressed. I was impressed that the guy’s head wasn’t still in the helmet. That would have been truly gory.

Air Force Two

It’s for the VP. The big difference is the com center. Commercial jets don’t have a seat devoted to national security coms. It’s got loads of first class size seating. And there is a back (economy) section for the press. It’s the same size as a commercial jet but it has a nicer kitchen and better service. This is a retired model. It’s not the Air Force One from the movie. There is a back door. You enter at the front and walk through to the back door. Neat. It wasn’t as much as I envisioned or imagined. …Ya still gotta put your pants on one leg at a time.


We got a couple on the dill and again on the fennel. I would say they have no eyes? Wrong, they have the ability to see light, but cannot see images. Butterflies see? Right? Cool shots! I wonder if it will be a colorful butterfly? This was my first try. The image is soft. I got better as opportunity came ’round again.

Shoot the moon

I’ve been playing Hearts since I quit working…. Point and shoot cameras do a reasonable job of imaging the moon. The trick is in the exposure. I keep it simple. Clouds are a favorite subject for me. They are never the same and will never be the same again. Ominous clouds and blue skies, which way will it go?

Surgical precision


We had a pot luck supper. I actually had to look up how to cut a watermelon for presentation. There are a lot of pictures and a lot of Youtubes. You can even make it into a sculpture. Ok! I just went with “simple.” It looks fine. It’s ready to go. Convenient. Neat. It was gone by the end of the evening. No one commented on the presentation. But I know how to do it for a party now. I’m not operating anymore so I am reduced to watching how to carve watermelon… oh dear!

Vape Lounge?


A waste of time? Smoke? Someone does. Lots do! Last I looked a pack was about $5.51 on average. E-cig? They call ‘em vapor lounges. Did you know hookahs (water pipes) deliver the equivalent of up to 300 cigarettes per session? Damn! They are not prevalent, but Vape lounges are around. Don’t do it!

Asiatic Lily


Not “Asian.” Hey! I had to look it up. I’ve been asked to post some flowers. There are simply too many. A flower a day and this becomes a flower blog. And ten at time is TMI. I had an aborted post with about twenty images. Nice, but TMI. I won’t get more. They bloom and are gorgeous. Then they stop blooming and it’s a boring green plant. I want more color for longer. And I would like to work less. Anyway, it’s taking up space in my pot and it’s got nothing but green to look at. But when it first bloomed… Wow!




Drat! And double drat! Jules says, “Drat!” She’s the first person I ever heard say it. I have a new range hood. I had one like it in NY. It’s good, design friendly, and effective. The glass is hell to clean, but… There’s no vent to the outside. Venting is done with a metal filter and a carbon filter in the chimney. It works. Well, it would except that the carbon filter kit had to be ordered. So, I did. It’s made in China. It’s a Broan. I never heard of it. Don’t buy it if you have any other choice. I double checked. It’s the filter kit # for the range hood I have. It is! Bottom line: It doesn’t fit. Would you believe it? I couldn’t get it into the chimney! In surgery we say, “If it won’t fit, force it!” (Kidding!! It’s a joke! – for those of you without a sense of humor.) But, this is exactly what had to be done. I shoved the components around and it all fit in… eventually. It’s works. Yay! Yeah! Really! …good, aren’t I?

Equal Billing – Count ’em


I am reminded that we used to count out the number of Xmas presents to be sure the kids got an equal number. That would include the small things in the stockings too. Really! Yeah! They count…. No! Not really! But if they ever…. That would be Patch on the counter awaiting a treat.


He waits patiently. I’m a soft touch and always give him something when I walk by… and he knows it. Spice is lurking on the step because she fears me. I’m not threatening in any way. But periodically we go through a game of trust. She waits uncertain as to whether to run or come back. Ok! The other cats did not make this post. Luckily, they can’t count. Later for them…

Toss it over your shoulder…


After we left, we went to a restaurant on the other side of the bridge. Don’t ask. It was unmemorable… as in, busy, bad food, bad service. So why ask? But the pic was taken moments too late. Jen got a beer without a glass. I suggested she toss her ice water and drink beer from the available glass. She did. She tossed the ice water over her right shoulder into the parking lot and bushes. She never looked back. I guess she’s pretty staid. The guys went nuts. You just can’t toss ice water over your shoulder….!!! She sure showed them. Ha ha! My bad, I instigated the bad behavior.

Indian River Inlet Bridge


It’s a suspension bridge of the modern variety – (see Boston). It was installed after the previous bridge kind of washed away. They decided to do it right. Finally. This is the third or more try… I’m usually on it, not next to it. I like the graphic. We were at the fire pit from yesterday. It was chaotic and disorganized. We did not stay. But I got some images. No eats. But I got pics. Fine by me.

Fire Pit


I like to get images with different perspectives. I haven’t seen it all. I’d like to say I have a lot of images. When I get something interesting, it’s neat. You don’t get to pick. The wires are a distraction. That’s life. More often than not bad images are defined by their imperfections. Is it a problem if you knew it was a distraction and you shot anyway? I like the wires. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ with it!

Basket full of cat


I’m so tempted to post multiple photos. I’m reminded that if you can’t tell a story in a single photo then you’ve missed. Some days I don’t care. More is better. Or, less is more. Whatever. You know this is Feather by her white paw. You might not care unless you love cats. I love mine. They show up for hugs. It makes me smile. She hangs out in this basket now. So the basket stays out and empty waiting for her. The cats have a nice life.


Time Lapse

_DSC3550 a

Jackson Pollack spent about as much time? I just went ahead and did a little Photoshop dance. The paintings on the wall were baffling. I guess large is something you hang because it is important. That would be like the President’s tweets? (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) Anyway, I passed the boredom with a series. I’m lazy. Handheld. No tripod. Slow shutter. One pass with Photoshop. Hey! It’s significant (this pic)! But to me, and me alone. My life keeps changing. It’s personal. It’s large….to me. Obtuse? Yup.


Kids are people, small adults, right? Not! Ha! This was a quintessential argument from pediatricians why they were important. Anyway, I shoot whatever is at hand. And kids and small pets are all fair game. I think I have better luck with pets. There is a key. You shoot and shoot. Volume will not make up for the lack of good technique. But you increase the odds of getting a good image. Why? Boredom. Kids forget you are still pressing the shutter and go back to their routine. It works sometimes. It’s worked three times here. I won’t say that I got exactly what I wanted. But it was close enough to pass. A long time ago when I wasn’t very good, my shot selection would include the whole child – head to toe. No longer, and, I think the results are better for us all.