Word and Image

I worked for a … madman


The mere difference between mission and suicide – mad man or madman – insanity or in sanity…. it’s a mere keystroke. Do you space key or not space key?

It’s been about a year since I left Jeddah. I drank the cool-aide. I’m gullible. The party line is about “healing – mind, body and soul” It was all cloaked in religious fanaticism and profits. No one told me about the “money trail” when I interviewed. The CEO was bankrolled by his wealthy jewelry tycoon dad. Shareholders demanded their cut. You were turned away if you did not have ability to pay.

I did good. I saved some lives. I made a few miraculous saves. I got a cultural education. Now, I am no longer restrained or censored. No one asks and I think it’s best not to dwell. But the stories! – oh my!


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