Word and Image

Longwood then…

Don’t laugh at the clothes. It was a long time ago…

Back in 1973 I shot slides. I developed them myself. It was a matter of parsimony. I was on a budget. In order to get max mileage for my dollar I loaded my own film and developed it. I could buy supplies and film for a small fraction of the retail cost. It worked for me. I don’t have comparable shots for the garden to compare then and now. But the garden has changed a lot. So, too, did I. The color is different. This would be due to the change in image medium. Slide film was pretty unforgiving. Jules always told me she could tell the difference between slides and digital. I would ignore her complaint. But, she’s absolutely right! Digital is ubiquitous now. There’s no going back. Here, I have historical images of family. The gardens were just the backdrop. Lately, I do both. But the object of the lesson in the garden is to get details of the flowers more than overexposed images of the people who visited the garden. In a hundred years the people I was with will be more important. Go figure. But I have that covered too. I take pictures of people too.


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