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Drat! And double drat! Jules says, “Drat!” She’s the first person I ever heard say it. I have a new range hood. I had one like it in NY. It’s good, design friendly, and effective. The glass is hell to clean, but… There’s no vent to the outside. Venting is done with a metal filter and a carbon filter in the chimney. It works. Well, it would except that the carbon filter kit had to be ordered. So, I did. It’s made in China. It’s a Broan. I never heard of it. Don’t buy it if you have any other choice. I double checked. It’s the filter kit # for the range hood I have. It is! Bottom line: It doesn’t fit. Would you believe it? I couldn’t get it into the chimney! In surgery we say, “If it won’t fit, force it!” (Kidding!! It’s a joke! – for those of you without a sense of humor.) But, this is exactly what had to be done. I shoved the components around and it all fit in… eventually. It’s works. Yay! Yeah! Really! …good, aren’t I?