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Longwood then…

Don’t laugh at the clothes. It was a long time ago…

Back in 1973 I shot slides. I developed them myself. It was a matter of parsimony. I was on a budget. In order to get max mileage for my dollar I loaded my own film and developed it. I could buy supplies and film for a small fraction of the retail cost. It worked for me. I don’t have comparable shots for the garden to compare then and now. But the garden has changed a lot. So, too, did I. The color is different. This would be due to the change in image medium. Slide film was pretty unforgiving. Jules always told me she could tell the difference between slides and digital. I would ignore her complaint. But, she’s absolutely right! Digital is ubiquitous now. There’s no going back. Here, I have historical images of family. The gardens were just the backdrop. Lately, I do both. But the object of the lesson in the garden is to get details of the flowers more than overexposed images of the people who visited the garden. In a hundred years the people I was with will be more important. Go figure. But I have that covered too. I take pictures of people too.

Longwood Garden

We were in Longwood Gardens recently. I was last there in 1973. I’m glad they don’t depend upon me for repeat visits. It’s been a while… Things have changed and I have gotten better. Older too! I’ve switched over from slide to digital imaging. I’m still using a Nikon. But I rely upon a Canon point and shoot for my macro. I probably didn’t know what a macro image was back then. 1973 was about the time of my second year of med school. Yeah, a long time ago…old. I’m mixing my posts. This one is about current technique. I look for reflections. I shoot more detail rather than wide angle. I concentrate rather than shotgun image the location. I was surprised to review my shoot and realize that there were only a few overview shots.

Out of the box (camera)…


This is the introduction to a short series of posts. It’s water lilies. I found a man with a spiffy ”tripod mounted telephoto gee whiz camera” concentrating over the lily pads. I was challenged to do the same. I wonder if he got reflections like I got? Who knows? I look for reflections. It’s different. …and striking. I go for detail. It wasn’t quite right. Considering that I really did nothing more than shoot this image (no post process agony) I can say that I am satisfied. I overheard one of the plant experts mention that they put black dye into the water. The secondary benefit is that it cuts down on algae. For me the effect enhanced the image. Thank you.


I worked for a … madman


The mere difference between mission and suicide – mad man or madman – insanity or in sanity…. it’s a mere keystroke. Do you space key or not space key?

It’s been about a year since I left Jeddah. I drank the cool-aide. I’m gullible. The party line is about “healing – mind, body and soul” It was all cloaked in religious fanaticism and profits. No one told me about the “money trail” when I interviewed. The CEO was bankrolled by his wealthy jewelry tycoon dad. Shareholders demanded their cut. You were turned away if you did not have ability to pay.

I did good. I saved some lives. I made a few miraculous saves. I got a cultural education. Now, I am no longer restrained or censored. No one asks and I think it’s best not to dwell. But the stories! – oh my!

Target rich

As I came over the rise these two subjects were in view. Stopping the car, I was unable to really get a good shot. We were too close and I was fumbling with the camera too long. So I got a going away shot. You do the best you can. Some days it’s not as good as you’d wish.



Liquid nitrogen is cold! So, they use it to make ice cream to order. You pick the flavor and the additives. They make it while you wait. I watched. The real show is in the “making.” Wow! Is it cost efficient? Better? What? I don’t know. The show was worth the price?! It was chilly in sunny Southern California. But we were having ice cream no matter what.

The heater was optional but much appreciated.